How do I get to Grace Fellowship Church?

The Church Office is located at:

209 E. Fair St.
Kaufman, TX 75142

What time do your services begin?

What Should I Wear?

Wear what you are comfortable in. We have many worshipers in dresses, skirts, sports jackets and ties. We have equally as many in jeans and polo shirts. The focus of our gathering together is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is more concerned with the condition of our hearts, not outward appearances. So are we.

What can I expect to happen when I visit?

You’ll feel very welcomed by the people from the minute you come in the door. The greeters, ushers or any other church member will be available and willing to help you in any way you need. We will not ask you to stand up during the service or any other type of public recognition. We want to recognize Christ and worship Him, not embarrass visitors that just want to worship as well. We are a family at Grace Fellowship. We want you to feel that you are one of us right from the start.